Heartfelt Midwifery Services LLC


Heartfelt Midwifery Services LLC
Tanya Mudrick CPM, LTM, LM

(507) 450-4933 (cell)

This midwifery practice has closed. Thank you for your support of Heartfelt Midwifery Services LLC. It has been a pleasure working with families in S.E. Minnesota and Western Wisconsin.

For more information on midwifery and how to find a midwife in your area, check out the following links: Birth Partners (birthpartners.com) Wisconsin Guild of Midwives (wisconsinguildofmidwives.org) Minnesota Birth Network (minnesotabirthnetwork.com) Midwives Alliance of North America (mana.org) American College of Nurse-Midwives (midwife.org) Midwife Info (midwifeinfo.com) Citizens for Midwifery (cfmidwifery.org)

family birth

When a woman trusts in birth, and allows the process to unfold without medications or interventions, she embraces the power of her body, and her baby -- the power of life itself.